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How to maintain an organized home with a family on the go

Its always a pleasure to share this space with people who can bring value to your home and family. Laura Burchfield Sockwell is a respected friend, mother, and home organizing guru. I would go so far as to say that my own home would not be the same without her work, and I can always feel it in my stress level when we're due for another visit from this magical woman. When I brought up the idea of sharing some of her favorite actionable tips to keep your home looking less chaotic, she was thrilled to help. I'm confident these tips are going to be lifesavers in getting and keeping your home Simply Organized.

When you have a family and a full time job life can get pretty busy. So busy that the last thing you want to do at the end of a work day is pick up all of the little messes. Messes that have accumulated all throughout your house. Messes that you can’t even comprehend how they got there. I’m here to share some pointers that might be of help to you in the daily clean up battle.

How to prevent total chaos

Taking a little bit of time every few weeks to tidy up small spaces will prevent your home from going into total chaos. When you have an area that is filled with clutter, whether that’s papers that have stacked up from school folders or the 20 pairs of shoes that are in a pile near the front door, clutter happens. When it does, it makes tidying an area pointless. Most of the time you are just shifting the mess from one room to another. That’s why it’s crucial to get rid of the clutter that

accumulates every couple of weeks. Toss out the PTL/PTO/PTA/Whatever-your-school-calls-it newsletter from a few weeks ago and mark those dates on your calendar instead. Tuck away those 5 pairs of summer flip flops in your family’s closets when it’s December.

Most of the time you’ll find yourself asking the question: why did I keep this? By removing unnecessary items you are making room for the daily essentials. I promise you’ll thank me later when you only have 5 minutes to tidy up.

New healthy habits

Lets face facts, life gets messy. Having a healthy attitude about tidying up is key to making a routine stick. Being realistic is the first step in creating this new habit. Messes happen every day. If you spend the 5-10 minutes cleaning them you will save yourself the negative emotions you feel every time you walk by them. Tidying brings visible results, which brings positive emotions and will affect the way you think of tackling your lifestyle habits. And remember, quick clean ups are only achieved in those areas with an organized system in place. Hint, hint, why the two week spruce ups are key.

Make it functional

I am a firm believer in everything having its own place. I also believe that bins

make that dream become a reality. Start by sorting your items into categories and then placing them into bins. If it’s your playroom that needs to be more

functional and organized, find a wicker bin that will hold your kids’ stuffed animals; this will make them easily accessible as well as a very quick clean up. Houses aren’t always Pinterest perfect and that’s okay! Finding what’s easy and functional is the goal.

Tidying up and organizing doesn’t have to come naturally to you or have to be something you enjoy doing. It’s the emotions you feel and the functionality of your home that are the most important things! You can do it! And if you don’t want to do it yourself, that’s what I’m here for!

These are just a few tips Laura recommends when you've reached your wits' end. Her home organizing services are the best investment I have made in our home. She is absolutely incredible. In addition to being a delightful person to have in your home, and finding the right home for all your stuff and things, she will provide you with so many tips and tricks to help you get the absolute most out of your time with her! If you are interested in getting Laura and Simply Organized, follow her on Instagram @simplyorganized__.

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