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As part of your village, Big Picture Parenting wants to do everything we can to help your family move forward with success and joy.  


Parenting Consultations

Real Life Parenting Manual

Parenting is hard work! You don't have to conquer this adventure alone. We're here to help you navigate the journey in a way that fits your family's unique lifestyle and needs.





Education: the playful way

Learning should be fun! We want to help your children build a foundation for success through positive self talk, and problem solving in a joyful educational environment.




Nanny Screening Services

The Right Fit, The First Time

Hiring household staff can be overwhelming. Let us ease the stress by walking you through the process of hiring the right person to setup a foundation for success in your home.



Unlock the Secret to Less Yelling

Ready to level up?

We know this is all new and different, so here is what you can expect.



During your 15 minute phone or video consultation we will discuss your family's current situation and needs. Our goal is to get an overview of your family's lifestyle and personalities so we can create a plan to move your family forward in the most successful manner possible.


Taking into consideration everything we discussed in our initial consultation, we will schedule an appropriate length appointment at a time that works for the key members of your parenting team.


This is when the good stuff happens. We will collectively decide on an actionable plan that guides you to achieving your realistic parenting goals.

Check In

Two weeks after your initial huddle and planning session we will reach out to check in with your family. At this time we can discuss how your journey is going, and decide whether we need to make any changes to your path or goals.


Jam Session

During this phone or video conversation we will take the time to get to know your child, their personality, some of their passions, and your family's current educational goals.


Together we will decide what time works best for your child's regularly scheduled educational adventure. We will take into consideration both the availability of the instructor, and when your child is at their prime learning potential.



The best part of my day is seeing your child waiting at the window for our time together. You will see your child flourish into an eager learner with creativity, curiosity, and problem solving skills that will serve them well into their adult years.


We will regularly update you on your child's progress, victories, current opportunities, and details from our time together. You are also welcome to reach out, or schedule an optional 15 minute parent meeting after class to go over any questions you may have.

Household Staff

Choose Your Services

You will be sent a list of our household staffing service options. Based on our initial consultation we invite you to choose which services best fit your family's current needs.


Depending on your timeline we will schedule the services you have chosen. This will look different for every family, as we are committed to providing an experience customized to you.

Hire the Right Person

With the right guidance, we believe you can hire the right person the first time. Cultivating a village that communicates and works together is key to a healthy happy home.


During your 15 minute phone or video consultation we will discuss your family's lifestyle and personalities to assess your unique household needs.

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