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Sensory Play

✨Elsa Glove: Add pink, blue, purple, and teal sequins, beads, glitter, and snowflake shaped beads or foam stickers. Fill with water, and tie closed with rubber band. Spread fingers out and place in freezer overnight. If you’re brave you can take the ice hand out of the glove. If Ella is playing, you can give her table salt to see how it melts the ice.

Level up: color epsom salt to use to melt the ice. Make thick salt solutions to paint on to the ice glove.

✨ Food sensory bags: marshmallows, water with colored oil, salt/sugar, rice, chips/cheerios/crunchy foods, ice

✨ Colored yogurt/pudding in dollops on high chair tray.

✨ Cornstarch mixed with a bit of water. The consistency should look like a liquid and feel like a solid when touched. This one isn’t fun to clean up, so you may want to do it outside or in the bathtub. Ella would really enjoy this one as well.

✨ Rainbow Bottles. I like to do make these filled with water, and each bottle has a specific color of items. Can ask Ella to put the bottles in rainbow order, or ask her if she can think of things she sees during her day that are the same color as the items in the bottle.

✨ Alphabet Bottles. Add items to a bottle that start with a specific letter. Blue things/bells/bird; Red things/rice/ring/ribbon

✨Sound Bottles. These are more like musical instruments/maracas. Fill the bottles about 1/3-1/2 full of items that will make different sounds when Emery shakes them. Bells/rice/beans/cotton balls

✨Fill a small bag with Karo syrup and beads. This one works well with items that are bigger than just glitter or sequins, that way Emery can move them through the thick syrup when she presses on them.

✨ Water beads. Ella would love these, and they come in a ton of different sizes. Super easy to throw in a baggie for Emery.

✨Draw a picture (flower, robot, house) on the front of a large plastic bag with a sharpie, fill the bag with clear hair gel, add buttons, flower beads, googly eyes, so Ella can move them around to decorate the picture drawn on the bag.

✨Seek and Find. Layer a bottle or bag with rice then identifiable items (you can get dollhouse miniatures for this) and ask Ella to find a specific item. Ie. the green bead, the dolls, letter E, etc.

✨Filling solutions: dish soap, body wash, paint, slime, flour, grass, shaving cream, sand, kinetic sand, tapioca pearls

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