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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this like therapy?

Coaching is not therapy. I am not a trained counselor, psychologist, or medical provider. Where therapy typically focuses on healing old wounds and trauma from the past, coaching is a proactive approach to future improvement. If at any point during our time together I feel therapy is needed, I will discuss this with you and make a referral when possible.

What is the time commitment?

Parent Coaching typically consists of 9 - 11 sessions that are an hour long.

Child Development sessions are 30-45 minutes long with a parent report provided after each session. Children are always growing and developing, therefore the quantity of sessions is left open ended.

Will my children be involved?

Parent Coaching focuses on improvements parents can make to reach the goals they have set forth for their family. Children are not actively involved in this process.

Child Development sessions focus directly on the child, their self esteem, development, and needs. After the Gateway Sessions, parents are not directly involved in these classes unless otherwise requested.

Do all parents have to be present?

The short answer is no. There are many different family structures, and sometimes the need for parent coaching is brought about by the differences in parenting styles. Coaching is most successful when all caregivers can be on the same page regarding the structure and boundaries set up for children. However, only the parent initiating the coaching relationship must be present for each of the sessions.

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But we will be back soon to answer more of your questions very soon. If you need an answer in the meantime, please feel free to email Coach Amy.

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