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Elf Trail Mix (Healthy for Elves Only)

This "recipe" is so easy, I almost feel guilty posting it. But the kids had the most fun whipping it up for our resident elf that I couldn't help but share it with you. Plus, everyone knows the main food group for Elves is candy. Candy canes, candy corns, syrup, really anything yummy and colorful! So this is a great way to use up some of the sweets that have been taunting your family since Halloween. Without further ado, Elf Trail Mix.

Conjure up your ingredients.

You'll need a mixing bowl and a spoon.

I had some cookie dough (that wasn't the most flavorful) in the freezer, so we rolled it out, and cooked it into tiny little Elf sized cookies.

Then I let the kids pick out some candy they thought the Elf would enjoy. We ended up using Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Swedish Fish, and M&Ms.

Oh, and sprinkles, but since those were a last minute addition they're not pictured here.

Mix Up Your Ingredients

Pour your ingredients into the bowl.

I just love how joyful the most simple things are to children. They thought that they were making the most exciting top secret recipe in the land. So I let each one pour in the candy they chose and give the mixture a stir.

Then everyone got to choose what sprinkles they wanted to add to the trail mix.

That's It!

I told you this was incredibly easy, and I felt guilty for even making it into a tutorial. The kids were so excited to see whether the Elf liked their trail mix, but we decided to wait to give it to our Elf until closer to Christmas. I secretly think they want to use it to bribe the Elf in case they have a naughty day between now and then.

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