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Disney Survival Tips

Its always a pleasure to share this space with people who can bring value to your family. Paige McPherson is a respected friend, mother, and Disney travel expert. When she brought up the idea of sharing some of her favorite Disney travel tips on here, I was thrilled. I'm confident these tips are going to be helpful in planning and executing your next trip to visit the Mouse himself.

So you want to take a trip to Disney, but overwhelmed when thinking about navigating the parks with littles. Today I’m going to dive into a few tips to make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Pack your patience:

I think any time you travel with children, the first thing you need to pack is your patience pants! Traveling anywhere, especially Disney, can be overwhelming and overstimulating for kids. Be realistic with what your kids can handle.

The ideal age:

If you are able to take a Disney trip, you should do it! Regardless of your child’s age. Disney truly is the most magical place for ALL ages. You’ll never see your child absorb the magic quite like they do when they’re super little and so innocent. As your child gets older, the experience changes! There is no “one age fits all” but regardless of age, there is something for everyone at Disney! Plus, they’re free under 3!

Manage expectations:

Will you be able to go to all the Disney parks, from sun up to sun down, with toddlers and no breaks? Probably not. Get to the parks early and check your “must do’s” off the list. Then you can follow up with an afternoon break, either a nap or a swim at the resort, and end the day back at the park. Be in tune with your kids behavior, and recognize when they might need a break.

Think ahead:

Did you know you can bring your own food and drink into Disney parks? Well, you sure can! I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle that you can fill up with free ice water. I also recommend lots of SNACKS! Being on the go with so much to see and do, sometimes we can forget to eat, but remember to offer lots of snacks to avoid anyone (even adults!) getting hangry.


Depending on the ages of your children when traveling, you might not think you need a stroller. However, on our latest Disney trip, we were averaging 10+ miles a day! Although my toddler loves her independence and wanted to walk, it was so nice for her to have the option to ride in the stroller when she needed to rest. She even took a stroller nap! When deciding on a stroller or not, I recommend one with an easy fold. Most transportation to and from the parks will require you to fold your stroller.


A great way to keep littles entertained while waiting, are stickers, a mess free “water wow” book, or coloring book. Disney knows what they’re doing by strategically placing gift shops to entice little ones, so bringing a small new toy for your little one might help save on souvenirs.

Check the weather:

Especially when traveling to Walt Disney World in Florida, make sure to check the weather before you go! If traveling in the warmer months, I recommend a handheld fan or a stroller fan to help keep littles as cool as possible. Sunscreen for everyone, as well as rain gear! No one wants to be stuck in a downpour and be wet for the rest of the day. Ponchos can be rolled up relatively small, and a stroller rain cover can fit in the under compartment of the stroller.

These are just a few tips Paige recommends when traveling to Disney parks with littles! Her Disney vacation planning services are completely free to you. She is absolutely incredible and will provide you with so many more tips and tricks to help you get the absolute most out of your Magical Adventure! With restrictions being lifted daily, things are changing rapidly. Paige worries about all the details so you can relax while you plan the most magical trip! If you are interested in getting a free quote for a Disney vacation, please visit her website, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook @paigemagicaladventures.

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