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A Foundation of Confidence

Confidence. Everything about this word resonates throughout the very fibers of my being. From the moment I meet children and families, I work diligently to earn their trust. It is the most important thing to me as a coach that these children have confidence in me to take care of them, to lead them well, and to speak to them with kind, productive words. The human brain learns best from those it trusts; hence, earning that confidence is fundamental in the formation of our growing relationship.

The easiest part of my goal as a coach is to show children that I have confidence in their success. The challenge comes in instilling that same faith into them. Every word from my mouth, every activity we do, every smile, every squeal of joy, all of it adds up to a million tiny building blocks that create the pedestal our children stand upon. That pedestal lifts them up, helps them to believe in themselves, in their voice, in their ideas, in who they are. In showing my confidence, I actively work at building theirs. When I do my job correctly, Big Picture Families possess certitude.

Don’t get me wrong, there are always moments of doubt. We are human, we all have our own inner critic, we all cave to social pressures; but, at the core of their family they are certain; convinced of their ability to succeed, persevere, and outlast every opportunity life hands them.

The most precious gift I can give to the families I work with is confidence. Every momma who struggles with the very real pressures of “mom guilt”. Every dad who is searching to find the balance between personal and familial success. Every child who is hesitant to read out loud in class. My wish for them is to remember that they’ve been topped with a heaping helping of confidence. That they have a cheerleader standing not only on the sidelines watching with glowing pride, but inside them ready to cheer them on every step of their journey.

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