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30 Rainy Day Playportunities

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Rain, heat (especially during our blistering Texas summers), and snow can all make us feel like we're stuck indoors for days on end. If you're prepared with the right Playportunties in your parenting toolbox, you'll have everyone in the house happy, entertained, and maybe even buy yourself a moment to sit down and relax. So to help set you up for success we've compiled a list of 30 of our very favorite activities to keep the kids busy on the next rainy day.

30 Rainy Day Playportunities

1. Build a fort with blankets

2. Create an obstacle course

4. Setup an invitation to invent

5. Do yoga with cosmic kids

6. Decorate some Rice Krispie treats

7. Bake chocolate chip cookies

8. Create an at home movie experience

9. Take a virtual trip to Disneyland

10. Decorate a box

11. Have a dance party

12. Make pizza cupcakes

13. Do some kid friendly cooking

14. Make your own fireworks art

15. Play a board game

16. Have an indoor picnic

17. Get active with GoNoodle

18. Play cards

19. Have a tea party

20. Pop bubble wrap

21. Set up an invitation to pretend

22. Play hide-n-seed

23. Paint in the bathtub

24. Snuggle on the couch and read

25. Make a colored rice sensory bin

26. Built a pillow fort with couch cushions

27. Play keep up with a balloon

28. Create an at home spa day

29. Build a tower

30. Write a letter to someone special

We've created a downloadable version of this list for you to print,

and have handy for the next rainy/snowy/melting hot day.

Click the link below for your free PDF copy.

Rainy Day Playportunities
Download PDF • 184KB

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