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Take a Moment to Choose Joy

Happiness is dictated in the moment. Joy runs deep, it flows through a person, and transcends circumstance. Joy is contagious, it pours from one person, planting itself in others. If we let it, joy will take over. It will make our lives, families, events, work, and even interactions with strangers we meet far more gratifying.

Joy is an emotion, one that is often overlooked, and set aside in order for us to scurry about our busy lives. We move from one activity to the next, ignoring the simple things, and sometimes even the enormous things that are sources of joy in our lives.

For a long time I would encourage myself, "I want to always be chasing joy!" I thought this was such a great mantra. What better for a person to pursue than something so positive and powerful that it can and does change people's lives on a daily basis. Then one day while I was driving, I realized "why on earth am I chasing joy?! Its everywhere! I saw the way that little boy leapt into my arms when I walked in his front door. Its in the cute little hop my dog does while I'm getting her breakfast ready. Its in looking over and seeing the driver next to me jamming out to their favorite song during rush hour traffic. I need to be embracing joy, not chasing it!"

That one realization in my car so many months ago changed my life. It made my positive outlook shine. In some ways it was me giving myself permission to slow down, to notice, and to appreciate all the glorious things that I experience on a daily basis. It felt freeing to finally stop chasing something that is so abundant around me, and cherish the emotion that is not only fueling me, but working in me to brighten the lives of others.

At Big Picture Parenting, we believe in embracing joy. We believe in acknowledging joy in the tiny moments and the monumental happenings. We are passionate about spreading joy to the children we come in contact with, to the parents who trust us with their families, to the vendors who work with us so we can provide the best experience possible. In every situation, we are joyful, and we want to invite you to embrace joy with us, and pass it on to everyone you meet.

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